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„ABIO”SIA (LTD)  is a quite  new- fast growing and progressive Latvian company, founded in year 2005th and situated in Latvia.

Our company is one of the Northern Latvian  wood products producers, distributors and exporters-successfully working in timber business for more than ten years.


Our product range includes:

*Different kind of fingerjointing/knotless pine laths.

*Dried, planed, graded and impregnated  timber products.

*More than thirty different kinds of finishing boards for interior and exterior  works.

*Planking  for sauna and bath-houses(alder, aspen, linden): boards for sweating shelves.

*Floorboards, skirting-boards.

*Decorative wells, fence elements and wc.

*Particle heating briquettes.

*Sawn materials(dried, untreated and impregnated).


 „ABIO”SIA( LTD) also offering several kinds of services:

*Logistic services(regular deliveries to customer)

*Planing services

*Glue lamination services for wood products.


Our advantages:

*Standart product range availability in stock.

*Operational realization of individual orders.

*Finished product assembly directly in customers construction site.

*A long-term experience in woodworking business.


Main sales markets for our company’s products are Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Scandinavian countries.